Toret Packeta

Enhanced Woocommerce plugin for WordPress

Use the plugin to get Zásilkovna going in a few minutes. Print shipping labels, send information to Zásilkovna, generate a tracking number and send it to the customer, all in a single click.

The customer simply searches or selects the Zásilkovna pick-up point on a map. Mobile interface is also supported.

The plugin is translated into 7 languages and supports shipping to Czechia, Slovakia and all Europe. And when Zásilkovna comes up with new features, they will be available for you within a few days as well.

Install Toret Zásilkovna and

save loads of time spent by automatization

minimize error rate

increase conversions and customer’s comfort

carry out automatic updates directly from the administration

receive quick support…just in case

continual adding of new functions

instalace1800+ installations
podpora quick support
záruka spokojenosti satisfaction guarantee


2500 Kč

CZK 2 066 excluding VAT

  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of support
  • 14 days refund guarantee

Count how much you will save every month

Super, ušetříte nejmíň 1667 Kč měsíčně

How did we count that? We know, that entering data to Zásilkovna manually, print preparation, and sending information to customers takes approximately 2 minutes.

You will save money on:

  • přepisování údajů do Zásilkovny
  • příprava štítků k tisku
  • vkládání informací do e-mailu zákazníkům
  • řešení chybných adres, nedoručení zásilek

Toret Zásilkovna through the eyes of e-shop owners and programmers

10. 9. 2020

Excellent plugin with support, as usual for Any issue, if it arises, can be quickly dealt with thanks to the support. Thank you for an easy and functional plugin.

Jaroslav Ondra

29. 1. 2020

This is a good plugin. Thanks to the Toret company for creating it. About a half of my customers use Zásilkovna, which they consider to be more reliable than Czech Post. I have nothing to reproach.

Marian Kechlibar

28. 4. 2020

Simple implementation and settings of the Zásilkovna plugin to woocommerce and regular updates. The administrators are completely happy, just like the customers 🙂 Recommended.

Lukáš Janovec

You will not find these functions anywhere else

Automatic store loading

The plugin automatically downloads and shows available Zásilkovna stores using the API Zásilkovna. The customer can see these stores at the checkout and select the most convenient one.


Dvojí zobrazení výběru poboček Zásilkovny

Two modes of pick-up point selection

You can select between two modes of pick-up point selections – a pop-up window or inline.
The selection of pick-up points contains all Z-BOXES, standard Z-POINTS and ALZABOXES.

Clear information about the selected store

The selected pick-up point is displayed in the administration, in the e-mail and on the thank you page.

Informace o vybrané pobočce Zásilkovny
 Automatické odeslání objednávky z WooCommerce Do Zásilkovny

Data are sent to Zásilkovna automatically

If the customer chooses the Zásilkovna as the delivery option, the plugin automatically sends the data to their system. No need to copy the required information by yourself. The order information can be sent automatically, or manually.

Tracing number ready immediately

After the order is created, you can find the tracking number in the order overview in WooCommerce, as well as on the thank you page. The language of the tracing page is set automatically according to the browser.

Trasovací číslo zásilky v Zásilkovně

Quick label generation for print

Zásilkovna orders offer the option to download the parcel label directly in WooCommerce. Both individually and in bulk. This applies to Zásilkovna delivery option and other carriers.

Personally, I am very satisfied with the plugin for implementing Zásilkovna to Woocommerce. It offers easy settings and it works reliably. I appreciate the function which allows sending data directly to Zásilkovna with only one click. That automatically leads to the creation of a posting number, generates label with a code, enters a COD amount (if selected), which returns to the Woocommerce order and which can be connected with an individual e-mail sent to customers and thus increase the comfort and reliability of the e-shop. I do not have to enter any data manually.  Thank you.


Ship throughout the EU

The plugin enables orders shipped through Zásilkovna to all EU countries. You can ship to more than 25 states.

Možnost povolení států, kam doručuje Zásilkovna
Možnost povolení a přejmenování dopravců Zásilkovny

Use more than 60 carriers

All enabled carriers – operating in Czechia as well as abroad – will automatically load through Zásilkovna’s API. Zásilkovna currently cooperates with more than 60 available carriers.

Set various shipping prices

You can set a unified shipping price for each carrier, or create your own rules depending on the weight of the order.

Nastavení ceny podle váhy v pluginu Zásilkovny
Nastavení dobírky s příplatkem

Cash on delivery with an extra fee

The plugin contains a separate payment method called cash on delivery. You can add an extra fee to every carrier option.

Shipping with or without a fee

Set your own limit for the free shipping option for each carrier.

Nastavení dopravy zdarma
Nastavení maximální hmotnosti

Maximum order weight

You can set your own upper weight limit of orders available for selected carriers. If the overall weight of the order crosses such limit, the carrier will not be available for selection.

Age verification

Activate the age verification service for individual WooCommerce products. The customer’s age will be verified at the pick-up point.

Aktivace služby ověření věku u produktu pro Zásilkovnu
Zakázání dopravce ze Zásilkovny pro produkt

Disable carrier for a product

Each product in WooCommerce can be deactivated for a selected carrier you do not want to use for Zásilkovna.

Shipping status

In the overview, the plugin shows the shipping status, so you can immediately know, what is going on with every order.

Sledování stavu objednávky v Zásilkovně

We have implemented the „Zásilkovna“ plugin for After our experience, we have to say that we are more than satisfied. The connection to Zásilkovna, automatic notifications, customer import for label generation, everything works well above expectations. Above all, the installation and use of the plugin are very intuitive. We can only recommend this affordable plugin.

Jaroslav Fajt

Přeloženo do 7 jazyků

Translated into 7 languages

The plugin is translated into Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, English, Polish, German and Romanian. Simply activate and the language sets depending on the default language of the WordPress or the user.

Returns assistant

The plugin offers a Zásilkovna returns assistant to help you with the logistics of returned goods and eases the communication between the e-shop and the customer. The returns assistant generates a returns label, which can be downloaded and sent to the customer.

Stažení reklamačního štítku ze Zásilkovny

Shipping zones support

The Zásilkovna plugin supports the WooCommerce Shipping Zones and you can easily set this method only for selected countries.

Regular updates

We are constantly enhancing the plugin and update its compatibility with WooCommerce. We guarantee compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3 and newer.

Rozsáhlá dokumentace pluginu Zásilkovna
Rozsáhlá dokumentace pluginu Zásilkovna

Extensive documentation

The plugin comes with extensive documentation that will guide you through settings and functions.

Link to documentation


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Reviews and ratings

55 reviews for WordPress plugin WooCommerce Packeta

  1. Martin Pátek

    We use a combination of Toret’s Zásilkovna plugin, GoPay payment gateway and Transport plugin due to their better settings for the Czech market. Everything works great even after WooCommerce updates and if there is a problem, just contact the support and we get an incredibly fast reaction and plugin updates. Probably the most valuable thing is, that it never puts business on hold. Thank you and good luck! Martin Friday,

  2. Kate H.

    I am very satisfied with the services of Toret. I appreciate the speed and responsiveness when it comes to any issue or returns. I use DPD, GoPay, Uloženka, now also the Zásilkovna plugin and thanks to the excellent support that always provides advice I am not worried that something would not work. Price x simplicity of setting x support this is a guarantee of success.

  3. Jan Haičman

    Excellent plugins, regular updates! Excellent!
    Jan Haičman

  4. Tomáš

    A professional plugin connecting WooCommerce with Zásilkovna. It has saved me a lot of work and looking back, I consider the purchase a great investment. Recommended.

  5. Petr Jahoda

    As everything by Toret, huge satisfaction!

  6. Tomáš Tomčo

    Trouble-free functions, frequent updates. Satisfied

  7. Ivan Klas

    A perfect plugin, very good integration. High-quality support.

  8. Nikola

    Perfect and quick communication, we have purchased the Zásilkovna plugin. Recommended.

  9. MM

    I can recommend this plugin to everybody, it saves a lot of work and time. Excellent connection to Zásilkovna and prompt plugin updates.

  10. Ondřej Hájek

    I am satisfied above expectations..

  11. Another satisfied user

    Thanks to this plugin, you can purchase menstrual cups with the Zásilkovna delivery option at

  12. Jaroslav Ondra

    A great plugin with excellent support as always with Any issue, if arises, can be quickly dealt with. Thank you for a simple and functional plugin.

  13. Bence Molnár

    We have implemented the plugin for our website . We use the Hungarian language in the widget and we deliver to Hungary. Everything works, the translations are perfect. We are satisfied.

  14. Václav Fiala

    We are very satisfied with Toret’s plugins. We have installed a third Zásilkovna plugin and again, everything works without any issues. Regular updates. A great plugin.

  15. Vítězslav

    Easy installation and settings. It has been running without any issues for three months

  16. Petr Peřina

    The product is great. It works as it should and we have been using it for a long time. We appreciate the unlimited updates. Shop:

  17. Filip Král

    The plugin works well and the installation was very easy. For now, we are using it at and we plan to use it for our second eshop as well.

  18. Luka, founder of Chute Indonezie

    We have installed the Toret plugin on our new web and we are very satisfied. We plan to purchase more from Toret.

  19. Ondřej Šeliga

    The plugin works well, I also appreciate the quick and helpful support.

  20. Ondřej Banasiewicz

    A great plugin I can only recommend – we use it for

  21. Lubos

    We are very satisfied with this plugin, as well as with the support that offered immediate assistance.

  22. Václav Fiala

    We have installed the plugin for eshop Everything works flawlessly. Regular updates. A great plugin.

  23. Václav Fiala

    This plugin is very well worked-out, we have installed it for Highly recommended!

  24. Ladislav –

    I am satisfied with this plugin, everything works without any issues, recommended.

  25. Vladimír

    A great plugin with an option to localize for the customer and to view the nearest pick-up point. Regular updates, works without any issues.

  26. Radek |

    Well done. The connection and various settings options are great. It works as it should.

  27. Michal –

    We can recommend this plugin. Thank you for your quick and professional support and assistance.

  28. Klemen Znidar

    We have started using Zasilkovna in the Czech Republic in late December 2019 and it wouldn’t be possible for us to have a store running literally overnight if it wouldn’t be for the plugin.
    It’s extremely easy to use. Anytime we’ve needed help with a feature, chat support was extremely fast and always helped us find the best solution.
    We have since moved to Romania and Italy too, using the same plugin and it’s working flawlessly in those countries too.

  29. Lukáš Janovec

    Simple implementation and settings of the plugin, regular updates. The administrators are completely satisfied, just like the customers 🙂 recommended

  30. Tomáš Bederka

    I have been using Toret plugins for a while now for more e-shops and I have never had any issue with the Zásilkovna plugin. Simple installation, easy settings and all answers can be found in the documentation. Everything works great and the plugin also contains regular updates, which is perfect 🙂

  31. Ing. Miroslav Michalina

    A great plugin for SK and CZ Zásilkovna. Simple import and settings.

  32. Tereza

    Pluginy by Toret are making my life easier! Both Zásilkovna and iDoklad work great! And the support..Zdeněk or Tomáš help me anytime I need… Quick responsiveness, nice communication… For me as an entrepreneur, Toret is an indispensable company that helps me run an e-shop. Thank you, thank you!!

  33. Vágner Jiří

    I have been using the plugins made by for a while now, including Gopay INLINE and now the Zásilkovna plugin as well. I haven’t encountered any problem since I’ve started using them, there are new updates and everything works great. About 80% of our orders are shipped through Zásilkovna and we are glad that someone has developed such a plugin, which is above all so functional. Thank you. PS: I plan to purchase more plugins and I have found them amongst your products.

  34. DIAMOND Group Sk s.r.o.

    Everything works well, I can only recommend 🙂

  35. Radim Poláček

    We are using the Zásilkovna ang GoPay plugin and everything works great, easy installation and settings. Especially the Zásilkovna plugin is excellent! The bar code generates automatically and you only have to stick the label to the parcel and to take it to any Zásilkovna store. Really amazing, no need to fill in anything.

  36. Lukáš Budík

    A great plugin that we have implemented for our new website Clear settings and everything works great.

  37. Marian Kechlibar

    This is a good plugin, my thanks to Torent for creating it. About half of my customers prefer Zásilkovna, which they consider to be more reliable than Czech Post. There is nothing to criticize.

  38. Lukáš Koszeghy

    A great plugin 🙂

  39. Martišková

    Woocommerce plugins help me to smoothly run my small eshop, including connecting it to Zásilkovna or payment gate. As a non-programmer, I would not be able to do this on my own, or it would cost me a lot of money. Thanks to these plugins, I save time and money and I can do any modifications on my own, which is great 🙂

  40. Martin

    Absolutely amazing and functional plugin!

  41. J. Procházka

    Thanks to this well made Zásilkovna plugin, we have used it for two of our eshops and Thank you also for the support, there was no issue, everything works great. Thank you. J. Procházka, e-shop owner.

  42. Vladimír

    Personally, I am very satisfied with the plugin for implementing Zásilkovna to Woocommerce. It offers easy settings and it works reliably. I appreciate the function which allows sending data directly to Zásilkovna with only one click. That automatically leads to the creation of a posting number, generates label with a code, enters a COD amount (if selected), which returns to the Woocommerce order and which can be connected with an individual e-mail sent to customers and thus increase the comfort and reliability of the e-shop. I do not have to enter any data manually. Thank you.

  43. Petra Havlickova

    I am satisfied with this plugin, everything works without any issue. Only the process of adding new countries supported by Zásilkovna could be a bit faster.

  44. Tilen

    We are very satisfied with the two plugins we bought (Zaslikovna and Heureka reviews). They work out of the box. What I really love also about Toret is that they have extensive documentation for every plugin they have, which also comes good if some non tech person is dealing with it. Thank you.

  45. Miroslav Havlásek (

    I can recommend both the plugin and the quick Toret support. The biggest advantage is lowering the amount of paperwork thanks to the automatic system.

  46. Pavel Trnka

    I have been using Toret plugins for more than 4 years. My eshop uses especially idoklad and zásilkovna plugins. Both of them save me a lot of time. It takes only one click to create an invoice and a second click to provide order information to the shipping company. I simply print out the invoice using idoklad and label using zasilkovna plugin and here it goes. Do not hesitate to spend money on these plugins – they are great little helpers.

  47. Jakub Křen

    A great plugin, very easy implementation and absolutely reliable functionality.

  48. Matus

    The plugin is perfect and the support just as well. I can only recommend it.

  49. Martin Homola

    Everything works as it should. I am extremely satisfied with this plugin. Plus I want to thank you for quick assistance with its implementation!

  50. Stanislav Sklenka

    We use 4 paid and 3 free Woocommerce plugins by All of them work well and are regularly updated.

  51. Vladimír Fischer

    I am very satisfied with your plugins, I have already purchased the payment gate and zasilkovna. My favourite thing about zásilkovna is the automatization and settings options, at the beginning I was missing selection depending on the customer’s area, but I didn’t have to mention anything and there was an update within a month. The plugin works great and is very user-friendly, both in the administration and for the customer. I can only recommend and I will gladly purchase for another website.

  52. Filip Országh

    Zásilkovna is great! Thank you very much for quick assistance, very satisfied.
    The plugin was used for

  53. Martin Král

    I have installed the Zásilkovna plugin for eshop and I am very satisfied. I like that the plugin sends data automatically directly to Zásilkovna and I only have to print out the label and pack the order.

  54. Jaroslav Fajt

    We have implemented the „Zásilkovna“ plugin for our website After a while of using it we must say that we are very satisfied with it. The connection to Zásilkovna, automatic notifications, import of customers for generating labels, everything works beyong expectations. The installation and use of the plugin is very intuitive. We can only recommend.

  55. Ing.Juraj Žilka

    I am very satisfied with the plugin, everything works without any issues. Recommended.

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