Toret Custom Branches

WooCommerce plugin for WordPress

A premium WordPress plugin for WooCommerce to create a custom network of branches (pick-up points) for your customers to choose from on the checkout page.

The selection of branches is possible using the Toret widget and includes all essentials such as cash on delivery, unified price, price per weight / dimensions etc.

Install Custom Branches and

create your own network of branches

improve branch selection with a map

increase conversions and improve customer experience

update automatically from the administration

receive quick support “if anything goes down”

enjoy continuously added new features



+ FREE: 3 months subscription to Toret WooCommerce Manager for Android

  • 1 year of updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Extension for another year with 50% discount
  • 14-days money back guarantee

Features you won’t find elsewhere

Create your own network of pick-up points

Go to the plugin settings to create an unlimited number of custom branches for customers to choose from during checkout.

You can edit the following information:

branch name
branch ID (or have it automatically generated)
branch address (street, number, city/town, postcode, country)
location (to show it on the map)
branch details (payment options, opening hours, accessibility)
custom note
maximum weight / dimensions of packages that can be received by the branch

To speed up the process, you can copy the branches and subsequently edit them or import/export them.

The branches can be temporarily deactivated and won’t display on the map.

Toret widget for the branch selection

Use Toret Widget to display a selection of pick-up points and information about them on the checkout page.

Import/export branches using CSV

Branches can be imported from a CSV file. The plugin contains a template CSV file with the required data structure.

By exporting and importing custom branches, you can easily copy the branches across multiple WordPress sites.


Filter by maximum weight and dimensions

If needed, enable filtering by order weight or product dimensions.

Branches with a limit lower than your input won’t be displayed during the pick-up point selection.

Temporary branch deactivation

You can deactivate the selected branch in the branch overview. When you need it again, simply enable it and it will appear immediately.

All countries supported

Branches can be created in every country supported by WooCommerce

Set price according to weight

For each country, you can set a different shipping price according to weight. The weight rules can be set individually.

Set price according to dimensions

For each country, you can set a different shipping price based on the parcel dimensions. The rules can be set individually.

Free shipping options

Set custom thresholds for each shipping and country of delivery to offer free shipping.

Cash on delivery with surcharge

The plugin contains a custom payment method for cash on delivery. A cash on delivery surcharge can be added to every carrier.

Free shipping

Set custom thresholds for each carrier to offer free shipping.

Free shipping for selected products

For each product, you can set free shipping to a custom pick-up point.

Cash on delivery with surcharge or free shipping limit

The plugin is compatible with the WooCommerce Cash on Delivery payment method.

A surcharge can be added when Cash on Delivery is chosen by the customer. You can also set a limit when the surcharge won’t be added.

Supports shipping zones

The GLS plugin supports WooCommerce shipping zones. You can easily set this shipping method for selected countries.

Regular updates

We are constantly improving the plugin and updating its compatibility with WooCommerce. We guarantee compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3 and newer.

Extensive documentation

The plugin contains extensive documentation, so you can easily set it up and get quickly acquainted with its features.

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