Connecting to Packeta

To use the Packeta plugin, you must have an account with Packeta. Once you have created an account, you can log in using this form.

Once logged in, click on your name in the top bar.

Toret Packeta - account login

You will see your account information and on the right side you will find the API Password that you will need to implement in the plugin.

Toret Packeta - API password

In addition to the API password, you will also need to enter the name of the store you entered when creating the sender.

Open the User Information → Senders section in the left menu.

Enter the value from the Indication field into the CONSIGNOR field in the Packeta plugin.

Warning! You must copy the value from the Indication field exactly, including the accents.

If the indication contains the “&” character, you need to edit the indication in the Packeta account administration so that it does not contain this character.

If the indication contained the & character, the plugin would not be able to send orders from the web to Packeta.

Toret Packeta - Indication

Enter the API Password and indication implementation data into the field in the plugin settings and click save.

Toret Packeta - Inserting implementation data into the Packeta plugin

Countries and carriers

After saving the implementation data in the plugin, stay on the “Main Settings” tab and in the SHOW COUNTRIES section, click the “Start by loading the carriers”.

Click on the link to be redirected to the “Carriers” tab, here you can load the carriers. You have two loading options:

  1. Automatic loading by CRON
  2. Manual loading by button

The first loading of carriers can be done manually via a button, but for regular carrier updates we recommend setting up a CRON task on the hosting site. We recommend setting the CRON launch interval to once every 12 hours.

The URL of your CRON can be found in the “Carriers” tab.



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