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21. 6. 2021 - Zásilkovna

= 5.3.2 =
* Edit Toret plugins section

21. 6. 2021 - Zásilkovna

= 5.3.1 =
* correction of PL translations

21. 6. 2021 - Zásilkovna

= 5.3.0 =
* change default language to ENG
* added translations PL, SK, HU, DE, RO, CZ
* corrected branch display
* fix warning when order is completed without selected branch

21. 6. 2021 - Zásilkovna

= 5.2.4 =
* correction of shipment submission via bulk button

21. 6. 2021 - Zásilkovna

= 5.2.3 =
* correction of an error in the order overview

What is new

Toret Packeta 5.1

Today we released the Toret Packeta 5.1 update, which brings the following two major changes to the plugin: Automatically send orders to the Packeta system based on order status changes. Currency conversion

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Toret Packeta 5.0

We just released the biggest update to the Toret Packeta plugin in the last year. Some of the biggest changes included in the plugin include: support for the Packeta Widget v6, removal of auto-ship to the Packeta system, adding bulk shipping to Packeta, adding the...

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Toret Packeta 4.3

The Packeta plugin got a new feature. It is now possible to enter prices in the plugin including VAT. Setup is easy. In the main plugin settings, just check the "Set price including VAT" checkbox and save. That's it, after that you just need to enter prices including...

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